tuning key

tuning key
musical key; fork that produces a specific musical tone and is used to adjust a musical instrument

English contemporary dictionary. 2014.

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  • tuning hammer — noun or tuning wrench : a hammer shaped wrench used in tuning pianos and made with heads hollowed to fit over the tuning pegs * * * tuning key or tuning hammer noun A key for turning wrest pins • • • Main Entry: ↑tune …   Useful english dictionary

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  • Key (music) — Scale degree names[1] (C major scale). In music theory, the term key is used in many different and sometimes contradictory ways. A common use is to speak of music as being in a specific key, such as in the key of C major or in the key of F sharp …   Wikipedia

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  • key harp — noun : a keyboard musical instrument having tuning forks as vibrators …   Useful english dictionary

  • Slack-key guitar — is a fingerstyle genre of guitar music that originated in Hawaii. Its name refers to its characteristic open tunings: the English term is a translation of the Hawaiian kī hōʻalu, which means loosen the [tuning] key . Most slack key tunings can be …   Wikipedia

  • Richter tuning — is a system of choosing the reeds for a diatonic wind instrument (such as a harmonica or accordion). It is named after Joseph Richter, a Bohemian instrument maker who adopted the tuning for his harmonicas the early 19th century and is credited… …   Wikipedia

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